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Don't Let Lack of Experience Undermine Your Team's Success

You have a vision for your team's success, yet it is fleeting.  Or maybe it just could be better, or come sooner.  You already know how much time and dedication it takes just to make it to the point you have, and it may be difficult to see what is holding you back, or even to recognize that you are being held back. It's not always just budget restrictions that preclude success, sometimes all it takes is someone on the outside looking in to identify an inadequacy you don't realize is there.  Finding the flat spot in the performance curve of both the equipment and the team members themselves is our business.  We tune up your team.  Experience garnered by Bruce Griggs and his associates over decades involvement in all levels of motorsports has shown that communications are key as well.

  • Is all of your technology keeping up to your vision?
  • Do you really need all the technology that people are trying to sell you?

To stay competitive in motorsports at any level it's crucial to plan for your technology to not only keep pace with - but to enhance your effort.  Without breaking the bank, this is usually difficult.

  • Does your Crew Chief and Driver work as though they are of one mind
  • Do they have absolute confidence in each other?
  • Does your driver fully infuse that confidence in the rest of the team?
  • Does your driver know how to fully communicate his needs to the team? 
  • Does your Crew Chief always fully understand the driver?
  • Do they know the physics of the car well enough to make decisions without relying on other teams advice or example, playing follow the leader?

These are All requirements for continued success. 

Our services require a mix of engineering, psychology, and educational techniques. We have extensive experience in state-of-the-art motorsports technology, team infrastructure and internal team communication strategies. We can design a step-by-step, cost-effective plan to educate the physics and exact language of vehicle dynamics, identify weak areas in both personnel and equipment, and advise solutions. And if required, we will assist in implementation. We seek to help you to achieve optimum performance available from most any budget.  This can be done in just a few hours, days or weeks, depending on circumstances.

We offer:

  • Race vehicle and equipment analysis
  • Confidential team evaluation
  • Confidential individual team member performance evaluation
  • Intra-team communication evaluation and solutions
  • Driver/Crew-chief interface focusing on driver confidence
  • Short-term and long-term assistance
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Budget analysis

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